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Enjoy!// // NSView+ZJExtension.h // ZJUI // // Created by dzt on 2017/3/19. // Copyright © 2017年 ZJF. All rights reserved. #import @interface NSView (ZJExtension) @property(nonatomic, readonly)CGFloat x; @property(nonatomic, readonly)CGFloat y; @property(nonatomic, readonly)CGFloat width; @property(nonatomic, readonly)CGFloat height; @property(nonatomic, readonly)CGFloat frameWidth; @property(nonatomic, readonly)CGFloat frameHeight; @end With more than 75 million copies in print and sold to over 10 million readers, Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is the ultimate computer-age classic. On your quest to the end of the universe, there are a few people you need to meet... Zag. Your guardian angel. On the inside. Chapter III - ZAG This was it. After years of dreaming, of working, of brooding and scheming, of trying and failing and fiddling and sleeping and hardening of the heart. It was time to go home. And it was time to go home to a Zag. A friend of the heart. A guide. A mentor. Someone who had known him for centuries. A long-term relationship, except that you never got any billing for being in it. You only got the pleasure of knowing that someone cared about you and that he had someone to return to when he was in trouble, someone who really wanted to know what he was up to. A person, a Zag, a guardian angel... On the inside. It was time to see his sister. Samantha Goop and Sam had been kids together. One was tall and thin and as ordinary as anything, and the other was small and furious and absolutely typical. And she adored him. He adored her, too, and loved her, and wanted to make everything right for her. And he was going to do it. Yes. That was it. He was going to do it.




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MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium [ChingLiu] Crack eldrprom
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